After being diagnosed with stage III breast cancer at the age of 32 and undergoing a bi-lateral mastectomy, hysterectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and cancer fighting estrogen blocking medication, I though that I was doomed to a sexless life or having to suffer through painful intercourse. The MonaLisa Touch has been life changing. I feel more like my old self every day. The treatments are quick and painless with only a little itchy sensation in the days following. I would highly recommend the MonaLisa Touch to any woman struggling with vaginal atrophy.

Hooray! MonaLisa Touch works! After many years of research and waiting for this amazing technology to come to Colorado, I’m happy to say I am back to normal! Do not hesitate to sign up and get your life back. Women’s Health Wise will lead you back to health, love and enjoyment. I couldn’t be happier with the results of the MonaLisa Touch treatment. No reason to wait!

I am an 83-year-old woman who suffered with vaginal dryness, vulva itching, soreness as well as frequent bouts of painful urination. Given that I was being treated for breast cancer estrogen therapy was not advised. So, following a gynecological exam Dr. Lane told me I was a perfect candidate for the Mona Lisa procedure. It is a treatment that you can do without fearing that it is going to make your cancer come back or cause other health side effects. The 3 treatments 6 weeks apart were painless; you will feel some pressure. One could liken it to a pap test. Following each treatment, I had some pain just for that day which was controlled with a cold pack and a topical anesthetic. Upon completion of only 1 treatment my symptoms had already lessened. Now, vaginal dryness and vulva itching is minimal, no painful urination and vulva soreness is gone.

Dr. Kim Lane recommended I try the Mona Lisa procedure for my severe Lichen Sclerosis, which I have been combatting as long as I can remember. I have been misdiagnosed and have tried every steroid cream and ointment on the market today with no success. After the 1st Mona Lisa procedure I immediately had improvement in the coloring and texture of my vaginal tissues and had a 50% improvement. After the 2nd and 3rd treatments, I experienced a 90% improvement in the overall elasticity of my skin. It even brought back the coloring of the tissues from the problematic white to a healthy pink. Although, there is no cure for Lichen Sclerosis, my skin has improved greatly. I no longer have to worry about rips or tears in my skin. The procedure was quite simple. It felt like minor vibrations followed by faint pinpricks to the outer vaginal tissues. I went back to work immediately after the 2nd and 3rd treatments. This experience has been life changing. It has made my vagina moist and healthy looking again. It repaired my shin and made it feel new. I would recommend the Mona Lisa procedure to any woman that is experiencing lichen sclerosis or dryness.

I am a 66-year-old married woman. Back in 2008 I found out I have Lichen Sclerosis which is an auto immune disease on the private area. It causes thinning of the skin, among other things and is VERY uncomfortable to deal with & most often will not let you have any relations due to tearing of the skin. I was at the point where I had trouble sitting in a chair or having clothing touching me. Dr. Lane was able to manage this condition for a few years & then it got a whole lot worse & unmanageable. She suggested I try the Mona Lisa laser treatment to regenerate healthy tissue growth & thus help clear the very uncomfortable condition I have. I had my 1st treatment in the early part of 2017; it consists of 3 treatments about 6 weeks apart in total. My 1st treatment I will admit was uncomfortable, but only due to the fact that I was so raw from Lichen condition. It feels like a tiny pin prick & takes only a few minutes to complete the procedure. She used a topical gel to numb the area, so you really don’t feel much pain. I would describe it more as a discomfort than pain. I was able to continue running my errands right after the treatment. The next 2 treatments were not nearly so uncomfortable. I was totally amazed at the difference of before & after. Like night & day. The healing process does not take long & I was able to resume relation with my husband. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone with this condition. Now spring forward 1 year, I am having some minimal issue with the Lichen Schlerosis & went to see Dr. Lane. She suggested a booster, which is 1 treatment which is to keep this condition better controlled. This treatment was not uncomfortable in the least. Understand this is not a cure for the Lichen but makes it 100% tolerable. My life before the Mona Lisa was looking a little bleak, but now know this condition I have will not take over my life. So again, I highly recommend this to anyone with my condition, but there are other things it helps to. So do not be afraid to try the Mona Lisa laser treatment.

I was skeptical when Dr. Lane suggested Mona Lisa for my vaginal dryness. When a friend told me, she had completed the treatment, and loved the results. I decided to go for it! The three quick treatments are somewhat uncomfortable, but certainly not painful. The results are amazing. No more sticky lubricants, or painful intercourse. I highly recommend the Mona Lisa Touch! Dr. Lane is experienced and easy to talk to. Her staff is always warm and helpful.

I am probably one of Dr. Lane’s most reluctant patients about having the Mona Lisa Touch treatment. Now, I am so glad that I did, it was such an easy procedure to go through. I am doing good and I feel great! On a scale to 1-10 I am at a 9! I highly recommend this procedure.

I’m very excited!!! It really is an easy and quick procedure. Dr. Lane explained everything as she went along. Now I am looking forward to the other two (treatments) and a transformation!

I am the mother of two wonderful sons and have been married for 35 years. I had an abdominal hysterectomy in 2007. I still have my ovaries. I came to Dr. Lane seeking help for the discomfort I was having due to menopause. Intercourse was painful, my vaginal tissues were so fragile and thin. I had no moisture what so ever. Normal daily activities were painful as my tissues were so dry. I was having trouble with odor because the normal vaginal secretions that keep you clean no longer existed. I was miserable. My husband was miserable. We were not ready to give up our sexual life together. We tried every over the counter pill, herbal supplement, ointment, messy suppositories etc. etc. Nothing worked. Dr. Lane suggested the Mona Lisa Touch Treatment. I did my research and scheduled my first treatment for August 2015. Dr. Lane and her staff went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. They explained the procedure thoroughly. A numbing agent was applied, and in 15 minutes or less the procedure was done. Painless. I was given an ice pack to help if I had any swelling and a small cup of Lidocaine for pain (which I never used). I drove home 3 hours. The first day after the procedure I was tender to the touch and a little swollen. A few ibuprofen and I was fine. I followed Dr.s instructions and went about my normal day with no trouble at all. By day 3 after the procedure I had to remind myself of the lifting restrictions because I felt fine and of course the waiting period before any sexual contact. The difference in intercourse was immediate. My tissues were not so thin and it was not as painful. We did not required much additional lubricant if any at all. Success! I couldn’t wait for the next treatment! The 2nd & 3rd treatments went exactly the same as the first. A little sore and swollen the 1st day and continued improvement in moisture and comfort. It is now 3 months after my last treatment. I decided to wait until three months had passed before writing a review and I am fully healed. What a difference this procedure has made. My tissues are no longer thin and fragile. I am comfortable. Normal sexual touching does not cause me pain. I have moisture. I no longer have problems with odor. I am normal again and that is exactly what I wanted. I have recommended this treatment to many of my friends and will continue to do so.