After more than 20 years and several thousands of babies Dr. Lane has retired from performing deliveries. She still looks forward to being here for you prior to conception, and throughout your first trimester.

At Women’s Health Wise, we understand that choosing a doctor for your prenatal care is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. We offer supportive first trimester prenatal care with attention to individual needs for low and high risk pregnancies. Whether this is your first pregnancy or the latest addition to your family, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality care at Women’s Health Wise. We enjoy the personal relationship we have with each of our patients and look forward to helping them get their pregnancies off to a good start.

How to write a birth plan

Grandma Kathy helping Dr. Lane deliver baby Issac.

  • Preconceptual Care – This is the start to a healthy pregnancy. We will review your individual health and family history including medications, nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements. We can also offer suggestions to help you conceive.
  • First Trimester Prenatal Care –  We will provide you with information about the physiological changes you will experience. We will recommend healthy lifestyle choices, including prenatal nutrition and set up and review your initial ultrasound and lab tests so that your pregnancy gets off to a good start. 
  • Postpartum Care – At Women’s Health Wise we often see women who have already had their babies and need a new provider for their postpartum care. This is a special time for you to bond with your new baby and for your body to recover from delivery. We will help you heal, whether you have a vaginal or cesarean delivery and manage postpartum issues like breastfeeding, sleeplessness, and postpartum depression.