Our Staff Alumni

“What I enjoy most is helping women by listening to their concerns and educating them about how to improve their health.”  ..Dr. Kim Lane

This simple patient philosophy carries over into what is a very special relationship with our employees. One of our greatest joys is to see the people that we mentor go on and excel in the medical field.

Jordan Schneider-Mendoza

Jordan first came to Women’s Health Wise in 2003 to shadow Dr. Lane as part of her leadership curriculum while studying at the University of Colorado.  She went on to work as a medical assistant for Dr. Lane from 2004 until starting medical school at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in June of 2006.  Her experiences at Women’s Health Wise played a large role in her acceptance into medical school as well as her continued passion for the field of obstetrics and gynecology. 

Where is Jordan Now?
Womens Healthwise

I live in Broomfield with my husband, Ben, who is also a physician in internal medicine and our two daughters. I am an OB/GYN with Kaiser.

Jaimie Boland

I began working at Women’s Healthwise in July of 2006 as a medical assistant. The position was referred to me by my cousin Jordan Mendoza, who was working with Dr. Lane at the time. At first, I was nervous about taking on this job as I had just received my nurse aide certificate and did not have very much experience. However, after a few weeks of learning from and being mentored by Dr. Lane, I was certain that I wanted to pursue a long term career in nursing.

I started attending undergraduate courses and was eventually accepted into nursing school while working for Dr. Lane. After my graduation from nursing school in May 2011, I took a position as a registered nurse at an acute rehabilitation center in Denver. While working I continued to advance my education in order to obtain my bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) from Metropolitan State University in Denver, during the summer of 2012.

Where is Jaimie Now?
Photo of Womens healthwise alumni jamie boland

Currently, I am working on a postpartum floor at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette. In the future, I hope to continue with school and eventually become a nurse practitioner, specializing in women’s health. Working at Women’s Health Wise for five years helped me stay motivated and excited about my future in nursing. I am very grateful to have been mentored by Dr. Lane. What I learned and experienced while working for her has shaped the path for the person I have become. I am married to Ryan and have a little boy.

Britney Neitenbach

I came to work at Women’s Health Wise to gain experience working in the medical field before pursuing my own career in medicine.

Working at Women’s Health Wise taught me many things about medicine and women’s health. While I gained excellent patient care experience that has helped prepare me for Physician Assistant’s school, one of the most rewarding aspects was getting to know patients on such a personal level. Due to the intimate and private atmosphere at Women’s Health Wise, and the excellent patient care that Dr. Lane provides, I was able to participate in some of the most important and challenging moments in our patient’s lives. Whether they were having their first child or undergoing important surgeries, working at WHW was an experience that has left a lasting impression upon me.

In addition to getting to know our patients, I also learned a lot about medicine and what it means to be a healthcare provider. Dr. Lane spent countless hours teaching and mentoring me during my time at the Practice. She has been very influential over my short career in medicine thus far and I feel that I gained an incredible amount of experience working for her. My time at Women’s Health Wise has helped me get to where I am today and has prepared me extremely well for Physician Assistant’s school and a career in medicine.

Where is Britney Now?

I am currently a student at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. in both the School of Medicine and the School of Public Health and Health Sciences. In 2016 I will graduate as a Physician Assistant with an additional Master’s Degree in Public Health Epidemiology.

Kayla Estes

I first came to Women’s Health Wise as a patient of Dr. Lane’s. I was working as a medical assistant in another doctor’s office at the time and at every visit Dr. Lane would tell me that I was welcome to come shadow her if I wanted the extra experience. When I heard they were hiring in January 2011, I couldn’t wait to apply for the job. I was still a full-time student in my last semester at CU, so Dr. Lane allowed me to work part-time, until I graduated in May.

I always had an interest in OB care and women’s health, so naturally I was ecstatic when I learned about some of the things that Dr. Lane would teach me in my time at Women’s Health Wise, but what I got out of it was so much more. She taught me about many different diagnoses, from bacterial and yeast infections, to menopause, and endometriosis.  I learned about all of the lab tests that go along with certain symptoms, and even had the chance to shadow her in the Birthplace and operating room. The thing that I will take away most from my experience at Women’s Health Wise, is the relationships that I built with each of the patients.  From getting to know women throughout their OB care and being able to watch their families grow, to caring for patients in more difficult times such as surgery, it felt so wonderful to be a part of these women’s care and to be there for them throughout their time with us.

Where is Kayla Now?
Photo of Kayla Estes sitting at computer at Women's Healthwise

I am currently living in Tennessee, with my husband while he completes his residency in pediatrics. I am thinking about a career in either nursing or public health, but am still undecided.

Gabrielle Pyle

I grew up in Boulder and am a Colorado native. I enjoy spending the summers hiking and backpacking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Women’s Health Wise gave me the opportunity to learn from the expertise of Dr. Lane, as well as allowing me to relate to our patients on a personal level.

Where is Gabrielle Now?

I have recently graduated from the accelerated nursing program at Regis University in Denver.

Haley Schneider

I received my bachelor of science in biology from the University of Northern Colorado. I adore my 4 year old golden lab Cooper and enjoy spending my free time hiking, paddle boarding, and biking whenever time allows. I am exceptionally grateful to Dr. Lane and the staff at Women’s Health Wise for all the support in reaching my academic and career goals.

Where is Haley Now?

I am currently residing in Boise, Idaho, practicing family medicine as a physician assistant.

Audra Sherman

I am a 2015 graduate with a bachelor of arts in chemistry and a minor in Spanish from Colorado College. I am a Colorado native and grew up in the beautiful town of Estes Park. I enjoy spending my free time outdoors, running, hiking, swimming and snowboarding. I enjoyed being a medical assistant, under the guidance of Dr. Lane, and learned to provide exceptional patient care to women at all stages of their lives.

Where is Audra Now?

I have been accepted to the physician assistant program at CU Denver for the 2019 school year! When I am not studying, I spend my free time kickboxing, running, snowboarding and spending time with my family. I recognize the value of my past work and educational experiences.

Makinzie Hamilton

I am a Colorado native, born and raised in Thornton. My favorite aspects of working in OBGYN are opportunities for preventative healthcare and encouraging open conversations about sexual and mental health. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, gardening, and playing with my kittens

                                                                                                                Where is Makinzie Now?

I am currently attending medical school in Philadelphia, and plan on becoming a primary care physician. 

Amanda Brown

I came to Women’s Health Wise shortly after my graduation from CU Boulder in 2020. Working in a reproductive endocrinology lab during my undergraduate years was my initial catalyst into the world of reproductive health. Dr. Lane fueled so much of my growth as a future provider long before I ever attended PA school. In my free time, I like to ride mountain bikes, go rock climbing, and spend quality time with my 2 dogs, cat, and fiance Jack.
Where is Amanda now?

I will be graduating from Rocky Mountain College’s Physician Assistant program in August 2024. Afterward, I will be continuing my education through a sexual medicine fellowship in North Carolina.

Katie Jewell

Hello! My name is Katie and I’m a Colorado native – born in Boulder and raised in Nederland. My free time is filled with reading, puzzling, and rock climbing. I joined the Women’s Health Wise team during my final semester of graduate school at CU Boulder where I worked in a Reproductive Endocrinology lab. Dr. Lane taught me so much about women’s health and what it takes to be a great care provider.  Under her mentorship, I grew immensely both as a person and a provider.
Where is Katie now?

I graduated with my BSN from CU Anschutz in December 2023 and am working as an L&D nurse at Denver Health. I’m absolutely in love with my job and treasure the opportunity to care for diverse, underrepresented members of our community. Eventually, I plan on going back to school to become a Certified Nurse-Midwife.