Testimonial from a recent patient

We are excited to share another wonderful patient experience with the Mona Lisa Touch Laser and the treatment of Lichen Sclerosis!

“I would like to share my experience with the Mona Lisa Laser; I am 66 years old & married.”

Back in 2008 I found out I have Lichen Sclerosis which is an auto immune disease on the private area.

It causes thinning of the skin, among other things & is VERY uncomfortable to deal with & most often will not let you have any relations due to tearing of the skin. I was at the point where I had trouble sitting in a chair or having clothing touching me.

Dr. Lane was able to manage this condition for a few years. Then it got a whole lot worse and unmanageable. She suggested I try the Mona Lisa Laser treatment to regenerate healthy tissue growth and thus help clear the very uncomfortable condition I have. I had my 1st treatment in the early part of 2017; it consists of 3 treatments about 6 weeks apart in total. My 1st treatment I will admit was uncomfortable, but only due to the fact that I was so raw from the Lichen condition. It feels like a tiny pin prick and takes only a few minutes to complete the procedure. She used a topical gel to numb the area so you really don’t feel much pain. I would describe it more as a discomfort than pain. I was able to continue running my errands right after the treatment. The next 2 treatments were not nearly so uncomfortable. I was totally amazed at the difference of before and after. Like night and day. The healing process does not take long and I was able to resume relations with my husband. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone with this condition.

Now spring forward 1 year, I am having some minimal issues with the Lichen again and went to see Dr. Lane. She suggested a booster, which is 1 treatment to keep this condition better under control. This treatment was not uncomfortable in the least. Understand this is not a cure for the Lichen, but it makes it 100% tolerable. My life before the Mona Lisa was looking a little bleak, but now I know this condition I have will not take over my life.

So again I highly recommend this to anyone with my condition, but there are other things it helps too.

So don’t be afraid to try the Mona Lisa Laser treatment.