We are so excited about the procedures Votiva offers our patients! We would love to have your feedback on how your treatment went, along with how you have been doing since then.

Feel free to describe how it felt during and after the procedure as this can help us improve our services, and encourage other women to take advantage of Votiva’s amazing technology and benefits.

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  • I decided to try Votiva due to vaginal laxity caused by three vaginal births. I was excited of the possibility of better intimacy with my husband. The first treatment I had no idea what to expect and was a little nervous. The procedure did not cause any pain just mild discomfort. There is a warm sensation as the treatment progresses. Dr. Lane was very personable while performing the procedure(s) as my longest session was 32 minutes. She provided great conversation so I didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable.
  • Since having the procedure I have increased sensation during intimacy and stronger orgasms which is pretty awesome. My husband is particularly happy with the results!
  • For anyone struggling with laxity due to vaginal deliveries and wants to have better intimacy with their partner I would greatly recommend the Votiva. I would especially recommend having the treatment with Dr. Lane at Women’s Health Wise. She is personable, looked at my entire history, and offered more than just the treatment. She gave me great suggestions on how to create intimacy with my husband while struggling with a busy life of working and herding my 8, 5, and 10 month old. I felt I was able to be completely honest regarding my sex life which can be an intimidating topic to discuss.
  • I’m so very happy I said YES to Votiva and YES to Women’s Health Wise.

S.L – Women’s Health Wise Patient

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  1. Votiva definetly was a life changer for me..it helped my bladder greatly..no more wetting myself or the discomfort of feeling like my bladder was falling out..there is no down time like with surgery..my sex life has changed dramatically as well..which this was an added bonus for me..sensation has come back and I have a healthy and most exciting sex life again..I definetly recommend votiva..dr lane is also a great dr! She is very professional and very knowledgeable..thank you so much for giving my exciting life back..thank you Votiva!!!

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