MonaLisa Touch Laser Treats Dryness and Discomfort

The MonaLisa Touch Laser is a innovative, hormone free treatment to relieve the symptoms of vulvar and vaginal discomfort brought on by menopause.

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Symptoms include:

  • Itching and burning sensation on the vulva
  • Dryness, itching and irritation in the vagina
  • Painful intercourse
  • Painful or frequent urination

When estrogen levels decline in menopause, many changes occur. Millions of women experience embarrassing and unpleasant symptoms that interfere with their personal lives. Many women suffer silently, and those who seek treatment find their options limited.

Why Does Loss of Estrogen Cause Discomfort?

Estrogen maintains healthy vulvar and vaginal tissue by creating normal lubrication, acidity, elasticity, and tissue thickness. The primary cause of discomfort in menopause is vulvar and vaginal atrophy, a condition caused by loss of estrogen. Without estrogen, the tissue of the vulva and vagina become dry and thin, causing irritation and discomfort. This can lead to painful intercourse. This can also lead to increased frequency and burning with urination.

2 out of 4 menopausal women experience vulvar and vaginal atrophy symptoms and these can interfere with intimacy.

The MonaLisa Touch Laser restores the tissues of the vulva and vagina.

The MonaLisa Touch® treatment uses a CO2 laser to stimulate collagen, elastin, and neovascularization, which recreates the thicker tissue seen before menopause. The course of treatment is three procedures over 18 weeks. Each procedure will seem similar to your annual exam as the laser is being used inside the vagina and/or on the vulva.

Before and after image of monalisa touch treatment for vulvar and vaginal atrophy

laser treatment for vaginal atrophyIt’s fast, simple and safe!

  • Takes less than 5 minutes.
  • In-office, no anesthesia
  • Minimal side effects
  • No recovery downtime

This Procedure is “Life Changing!”

After 20,000 cases, it’s clinically proven to work, delivering both immediate and long lasting relief.

A multi-center trial of breast cancer survivors showed overwhelmingly positive results with improvement in symptoms beginning after the first treatment and progressively getting better with subsequent treatments. There were no reported side effects or adverse reactions.

Pre and Post Treatment Instructions: